April, 2015

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Musical shows are edited!

Editing work is well underway on the post-production of a series of special shows recorded at Fosse’s Bar – situated in the Winterbourne Hotel in Clarendon Road, Blackpool. We recorded three differnt shows over three nights in April with our mobile multi-camera set-up. The show was vision-mixed live, ansd is having credits and some colour-grading added. Wonderful crew as always with Jack Kelly, Matt Mcloughliin and Ash Scarisbrick on cameras, with Chris as supervisor, and Roger on the vision mixer. James Reay, Chelsea Stevens and Karen Carey on the stage! More details soon…

More for the future business seminar at Preston North End

Yesterday we had a great day at Preston North End Stadium for the final More for the Future conference at Preston North End’s football stadium. Sadly the last of it’s kind as the More project is coming to and end. A real shame, as the network has offered great advice from experts for SMEs like ours. Many great speakers present including Mary Murtagh and Dave Kirkwood, and all the More team, including the ever-cheerful Max Robotham. Let’s hope there’s another similar project up and running soon.

Lancashire Business Expo

We’ve had a great day filming the seminars at the Lancashire Business Expo in Preston at the Guildhall. Kudos to Ian and Marie from More Network who organised the event – an amazing turnout of local companies and businesses. The main hall and the the rest of the building were packed out and plenty of visitors – lots of interesting stuff to look at too. Great speakers at the seminars and lots of good points well-made. Hard work for us but very rewarding. A film about this years LBE will be available soon so if you weren’t there you can get a taste of what you missed! The high-wire act in the main hall was certainly something to see – and not something you get at most business events.

Recording at Lancashire Business Expo

Tomorrow (Thursday) we’re off to set up at the Lancashire Business Expo at the Guildhall in Preston. Filming all day Friday, and looking forward to what should be a very interesting few days. Around 100 different businesses exhibiting there, so it should be a very good chance to meet other local businesses. Also a good chance for us to show off our multi-camera skills. Many thanks to Ian and Marie for inviting us along.

Welcome Ellie!

We are delighted to welcome Ellie Singleton to SAMfilms. Ellie is joining us for several months on a work placement, and is already proving invaluable. She has a degree in Film production from the University of Cumbria, and will be working on all our current projects. She’s already spent a windy day on location and a noisy evening in a Blackpool nightclub – but only for filming purposes!
More news soon!


The first blog post late at night from SAMfilms, a journey finally getting to this point…