This year we are proud to be starting work on a series of films about cancer in general, and Head and Neck Cancer in particular. Head & Neck Cancer is a somewhat overlooked part of the cancer spectrum, yet it affects growing numbers of people very year, not just in the UK, but worldwide.

We will be working with some of the leading organisations that provide support for sufferers, companies that research new and innovative treatments, individuals who campaign for better public awareness of this debilitating illness, and looking at the different ways in which the disease is treated around the world.  Every cancer patient has a story to tell of his or her own individual journey as they fight to get better, and we will be privileged to meet some of the most courageous and determined survivors. Some are outspoken campaigners for better treatments and greater public awareness, others are quietly waging their own battle against the illness, but each one is unique.

We will also be travelling to some of the world’s most prestigious treatment centres, where on-going research is helping to develop new ways of treating Head and Neck Cancer, and providing solutions for those who have survived their treatment, but continue to suffer from side-effects, the most common of which is Xerostomia – or ‘Dry Mouth’ as it is better known.

Working with our clients and partners we will be producing films for both clinicians and patients, and we hope to do our part in raising public awareness of this particular form of cancer.