Why use SAMfilms?

SAMfilms are experienced in the field of promotional and corporate work. Roger Stevens has worked in broadcast TV for many years, and has filmed and edited everything from drama to music videos. Corporate clients include Virgin Megastores, Enteraction TV, Thomas Cook, Voi Jeans, HRH Entertainments, and Red Recording Studios. Chris Mcloughlin’s credits include Voi Jeans, World Poker Tour and the CSL Group. We follow a project through from its initial concept stage to the final delivery, and work with you every step of the way.

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Can we choose what music we use?

Yes you can – but all commercial music is subject to copyright, and depending on it’s planned use a sliding scale of charges will apply. We can advise you on music clearances, but would also suggest visiting the PRS (Performing Rights Society) website at www.prsformusic.com/ to get some idea of the costs involved. Music composed especially for your project carries no PRS cost, as l,ong as you have a bona fide agreement for its use with the composer.

We want our production to be seen round the world.  Can we get a copy that is compatible with DVD players in other regions?

Material shown on the internet does not need to be mastered in different versions. If you want physiacla copies – such as ~DVD – SAMfilms is able to convert your film from PAL (the UK SD TV system)  to the NTSC standard that is compatible with players in the US. . Please Contact us for more information .

How does the production process take place?

Whatever your project, give us a call and have a chat about what you want to do. We’ll consider the best way to do it, and discuss various options for you to think about, and then we’ll work out a provisional costing. We know times are hard, and we won’t quote a ludicrous price, but we won’t give you a silly discounted price, and then charge you for loads of extras later. When we have agreed a provisional price we’ll sort out a contract and a plan of action, and then we’ll get started. We’ll discuss payment and delivery with you, and a timetable for your project to be completed. Once you are happy with the final product, we’ll arrange delivery upon final payment.

What’s the quality going to be like?

We use professional TV crews that have the experience and creativity to provide excellent coverage of yourproject. We use broadcast quality equipment – typically Canon or Sony, and our crews have the technical expertise to get the best results. Our post production is done using cutting-edge AVID editing technology, that allows us to grade the pictures, and mix the sound to the highest standards.

Can I see the edited version before my project is finished?

Yes, you will be able to view the edit of your film, either online, or on DVD. At this stage the video will have a clock “burnt-in” to the picture, which will allow you to pinpoint any changes you want made as accurately as possible. Your final version will be ‘clock’-free!

How will my project be delivered?

Your project is delivered in the format that best suits your needs. This may be an HD or SD video file, supplied on a hard drive, memory stick, or disc, or on DVD or Blu-ray. . Your DVD or Blu-ray discs will be authored and chaptered, and are supplied in a presentation case.

Will our project be used on your show-reel or other promotional material?

Unless you specifically request that you do not want us to be able to use your media, we reserve the right to use footage/stills for promotional purposes. This includes appearing on our show-reel, and on our website.  If we want to use the material for broadcast or commercial purpose we will seek your agreement before doing so.

How much will it cost?

It’s impossible to give simple prices as every project is different, and will need a specific mix od filming and/or post-production effort. Based on the intial information you give us we’ll work out a provisional price, and submit it to you. We’ll then refine the costings and issue a contract. Subject to certain terms and conditions, that price will stay the same. Again,we’ll work out a payment schedule that will include a final payment requirement before we release your finished product. Every contract is different, and we will do our best to accommodate your particular requirements. For projects costing over £1000 we require a £500, non refundable deposit in order to secure a booking. For work costing less than £500, a £200 deposit is required.

How do we pay?

You can pay by cheque, or by PAYPAL. Please contact us for more information.