Making sweet music (Video)

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SAMfilms is a unique one-stop shop where we can undertake filming of your music project, through post-production and delivery in the format of your choice. We can see your project, large or small, through from just an idea to a finished product.

We have a wealth of experience making everything from short music videos to full length musical show recordings. Some of the acts we’ve filmed include Sinitta, Shayne Ward, Vengaboys, The Hollies, Nationl Youth Jazz Orchestra, Circus of Horrors, and The Feud. Other work includes live relay onto a large screen of all the stage acts at Northern Pride 2014, and recording three days of international music acts at the award-winning Lancaster Music Festival.


Music Video or Live Event

As professional film-makers we can offer imaginative music videos at great prices – from single camera shoots through to multi-camera recording of live performances. Our production equipment includes a jib to get great smooth high angle shots. For a music video we will record the performance from different angles and complete the film in the edit suite. On a multi-camera shoot we will record from every angle for maximum versatility in the editing, and produce a finished product that is a stunning record of the event. Of course, it’s also possible to display the event on screens as it happens.


Technically Better

Everything we shoot is in HD, and can be delivered on disc, tape or as a video file. We can also arrange uploading of your video to popular online video sites such as Vimeo or YouTube. Music Videos can be produced as broadcast-quality if required. Our technical equipment includes HD video cameras, ‘film’ style cameras that record with a shallow depth of field, and a jib to record high, tracking and moving shots.


You Decide

Your video is important to you, so everything is filmed as you want it to be. You can discuss your ideas and concepts, and we will listen. You can be involved in the editing, and make choices about the look of your video. We understand that you will have your own ideas and we will help you to bring them to life. We are also happy to assist you, and to make suggestions about how to achieve a particular look or style.

We are also happy to film at your choice of location, and can always provide the kit and crew that you need to get the best results. Please note that location filming may require consent from the relevant authorities if it’s in a public place, or from the owner of private property, and that there are health and safety considerations in venues such as theatres and concert halls.

Top Tips for making music videos

1 – If you are filming a single number consider whether to play/sing live, or whether to mime to a pre-recorded playback. Shooting  a music video inevitably requires multiple takes, and the preformance can vary, making it difficult to edit. If you want to perform live, ask us about using a multi-camera setup.

2 – If you are staging a concert or performance in front of an audience, and want to use a multi-camera set-up, consider where the cameras might be placed. Good close-ups require at least one camera near the musicians, and it’s worth reserving some space in order to get the best results. Talk to us about the practicalities of positioning cameras and ensuring that the lighhting is suitable.

3 – Check with us about sound – we can provide playback facilities, but need to liaise withe audio engineers at live events.

4 – Think about how you want it to look! We love a challenge and will always work with you to get your dream on screen. Have a look at other similar video material for inspiration and we can take it from there…