It’s not easy to give exact prices for projects without knowing what’s involved in terms of filming, editing and any other production requirements. However we will always discuss your project with you in advance, and agree a price that you are happy with. Our prices are all-inclusive, and we won’t come back later and ask for more. We supply all the equipment and crew, and agree your schedule in advance.


  • As a rough guide, a day’s filming costs around £250 per day – for a camera operator and kit. Often we will suggest that a director who will also operate a second camera if needed should be part of the crew, and we will then quote for both. The director will oversee filming, conduct interviews, and provide other production assistance. A director/second camera may not always be needed, and we will work with you to ensure that you have the appropriate crew for your filming. For multiple days a discount will apply.


  • Editing is priced at around £150-200 per day, and again, we’ll work to ensure that your editing schedule is planned and agreed in advance. For most productions, we will agree an all inclusive price that will offer a discount over daily rates. For long-form productions substantial discounts are available, and we will agree terms and conditions prior to starting work. Some seasonal discounts also apply – contact us for details.


From time to time we offer special deals on specific kinds of production, such as music videos. Contact us or check our blog for regular updates.