SAMfilms believes that we should be as open as possible in all our dealings with clients, and strive to provide information, such as our terms & conditions in ‘plain English’ wherever  possible. All projects are different, and we will issue an individual contract for each project we undertake, the terms of which may be varied by mutual agreement. Listed below are general terms & conditions which apply to all our work.

NB: SAMfilms will only undertake work for which a price has been agreed, and a contract issued, signed and returned. This is to protect the interests of both parties. The precise terms & conditions can vary according to the nature of the project, and any specific requirements you might have.



A booking fee of £200-500 (depending on the overall cost of a project)  is required to confirm your booking. This sum will apply towards the project production fees. The balance of the payment for the services contracted for must be paid 4 weeks prior to the filming date, exceptions are by written agreement only. Our prices are correct at time of booking, and remain in force for the duration of your contract Any changes to the requirements of your booking which require a re-calculation of the total price will be subject to  our current pricing structure, and subject to availability.



In the event of the client cancelling this booking, SAMfilms will charge a cancellation fee in accordance with the following scale: £200-500 (the booking fee) if cancelled more than 1 month prior to the date of filming; 100% of the agreed fee if cancelled less than 1 month prior to the date of filming. Refunds can only be given at the discretion of SAMfilms directors.



Our  crew will attend for the number of hours agreed beforehand. Our attendance on location includes time for setting up equipment, capturing scene setting shots and transferring between locations (where necessary). If more time is needed to provide coverage agreed with you (or your schedule runs over), will we agree how to proceed, and, with your agreement, bill you for the additional hours after the event.



All our clients are asked to complete forward-planning paperwork prior to their event to enable us to plan your filming as efficiently and easily as possible. This will include information about the venue, special requirements, power supplies, easy access parking etc. Failure to complete this in detail may compromise the quality and coverage of the finished production. If you cannot provide this information and/or to communicate any changes on the day this may in missed coverage or other production problems  for which we cannot be held responsible.



SAMfilms will always film your event as agreed to the best of our abilities, however we cannot be held responsible for circumstances preventing this, such as: a) failure to provide accurate schedule of events or adequate notice of any changes that arise; b) inclement weather & filming conditions;  c) restrictions placed by  venue/location or security officials; d) disruptions in filming or sound recording caused by children & infants and others. e) the failure of venue staff to provide previously agreed services, such as a live audio feed. Whilst every effort is made to provide comprehensive coverage of events, we do not guarantee to capture any specific item of footage and the videographer/s’ judgments regarding filming conditions and what can be captured under any given circumstances shall be deemed correct.



We aim to complete post-production on the project within 3 months. However work will not commence until all outstanding payments & information requests have been settled. – this would include items such as music where it is being supplied by the client. Your SAMfilms, director/editor is responsible for overseeing the editing stage, and will take on board any specific requirements you may have before starting editing.  and his/her creative & technical judgement regarding the work is a good guide to what is achievable. You will be given a chance to review the first edit, either on DVD, or on-line. Reasonable changes will be undertaken on a goodwill basis, and will be allowed on the basis that they take no more than five working hours in the edit suite. After that, creative changes  (those that do not constitute a technical fault, or the remedy of a technical fault) will be charged at the rate of £25 per hour. This may be varied by prior agreement – depending on the scale of your production. Your specific production package will include delivery details – i.e. the format in which it is to be delivered, and the number of copies.



The copyrights in the video production shall be vested in the client and clients shall enjoy the benefits of copyright in accordance with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1998. It shall be the responsibility of clients to ensure that material used – such as – but not exclusively music – shall have the necessary clearances. SAMfilms shall retain an archive copy of all work, and the client agrees that footage and stills may be used by SAMfilms for use on its own website & video channel and for promotional purposes. If we want to use the footage for any other purpose, such as TV, we will seek your written consent.