In recent years, changes in government spending priorities have lead to a huge growth in ‘THE THIRD SECTOR’ – with charities and voluntary organisations often having to fill the gaps left behind when spending from Westminster reduces. SAMfilms is proud to be based in Blackpool on the Fylde Coast, and work with all kinds of third sector groups and organisations to raise awareness, help with growth and expansion, fund-raise, promotion, and staff development.


Media use by third sector organisations is no different to any other businesses who use video, an online presence, or social media & marketing to promote themselves – which is becoming more and more of a necessity in order to thrive. We at SAMfilms have the expertise to film in a considerate and appropriate way, to help all our clients achieve the results they want, ensuring that the messages they want to convey are effective and visually interesting. We also guarantee that the videos and films we make are done so within any special parameters with which your area of the third sector are required to work, and we have an open-door policy to make our work available for review at any time, ensuring that all guidelines are being followed.



Using video is a great way to tell people what you do, and help raise awareness of your organisation. Whether it’s a general campaign, or an opportunity to raise specific issues, SAMfilms can help you get your message across in a eye-catching way. Using video on your website, as well as all your other social media outlets, is a great way to strengthen your profile and provide information about what you do. Video content on a website, shared between other social media will also improve your website’s ranking, and make you more visible on Google, and similar search engines. Video testimonial from those who can recommend your services is also an effective way of promoting yourself. At SAMfilms, we have the experience to make unique and effective video content, and can help you get it out, to where it needs to be seen.


For many third sector organisations, fund-raising is part of their DNA, and using video content can be a really effective way of generating extra revenue. Video allows people to see what you do, how it benefits the community or a particular group of people, and to hear testimonials from those who have benefited. SAMfilms has experience designing films to cater for fundraising needs, most recently, a film about The Bridge Project; a charity for homeless people in Blackpool. The film makes for a very strong message, and will be used by the Bridge Project as part of their fund-raising for 2015.


If you currently run sessions that repeat the same advice over and over, it might well be easier and cheaper to put the information online, so that your clients can access all the information they need 24 hours a day. Video is one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting information out there. Anyone with access to a computer can see your organisation in action or watch a film that offers advice about rights and benefits. You can use video in a huge variety of ways to give out almost any kind of information


SAMfilms has worked with numerous clients in the third sector. We respect and admire the splendid work done by these superb organisations. We are currently working with Blackpool Victoria Hospital’s Children’s Ward, and further discussions are underway with other potential clients. Details will be made available on our website when the projects are confirmed. Past work includes films for Brian House (part of Trinity Hospice), Macmillan Nurses, The Bridge Project, and a local cancer support charity. In some cases we have agreed not to make the films public out of respect for those involved, however, it’s possible to view examples of our work for these organisations on request.

SAMfilms are experienced, professional, and above all caring about everything we do. Please feel free to contact us about our third sector work, and how we may be able to help you.